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About Kate

Kate Crow has guided people through personal transitions for over 20 years. A trained facilitator for domestic violence support groups, a counselor for new mothers and a certified pilates instructor, Kate has helped people from all walks of life change their bodies, minds and beliefs using focus, discipline, accountability, and mindfulness. A Life Coach for more a decade, and former Handel Group Senior Coach and workshop leader, Kate has coached hundreds of individuals worldwide and designed and led life-transforming workshops throughout the United States—including events at the Esalen Institute and Kripalu Center.

Kate’s firm hand-holding, compassion and experience enables her clients to discover and illuminate the themes and patterns in their lives so that they can profoundly change their lives in concrete, manageable, lasting ways.

What Others Are Saying

“I would describe the experience of life coaching with Kate as liberating.”

“Your gentle accountability and your patience has been very helpful for me”

“Kate helped me dig deep, find the necessary resources both within and without, and create the shifts I was longing for.”

“I never thought I’d use a coach. The idea seemed indulgent and a little silly. But then I found myself talking with Kate, and her grounded way of thinking and positive attitude just kept me coming back for more.”

“Sharing your own story, experiences and growth was huge. This not only provided a road map for possibilities, it also demonstrated your humanity and your ability to live a life you design despite circumstances.”

“Kate’s coaching finally gave me the courage and self confidence to quit my corporate job and pursue a career that brings happiness as well as a life balance.”

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