About Kate

I believe that every human being has a happy life waiting for them to claim. Beyond uncertainty and struggle is the golden destination of health, wealth and happiness.

It waits for us. To see it. To own it. To put down what we are carrying and embrace what’s truly destined to be ours.

I’m Kate Crow and I created the SHIFT IT method out of my own need for change.

Here’s what happened…

When I turned 40 I began a decade full of huge personal tsunamis where the landscape of my life kept drastically changing. I got divorced. After years of raising children, I needed to get a job. I fell in love and then we learned he had stage four kidney cancer.

A few years later one of my children developed a chronic mental illness. Two years later he committed a serious crime and was absorbed in to the state system. In midst of this I fell in love and lost love again, this time to esophageal cancer.

Reeling from these losses, I realized one day the power of choice. How I responded to the circumstances of my life was a choice that determined whether I felt like a victim or not.
YOU have that same choice.

Once I cracked the code for clearing emotional gridlock and getting crystal clear on what I wanted life to feel like, EVERYTHING changed.

And it can for you too.

Pain is pain. Whether it comes from a troubled youth, a broken relationship or a shattered sense of clarity and worth, it all hurts.

But here’s what else I have seen.


Many of them.

So I know what’s possible when we DECIDE, COMMIT and PRACTICE.

There is a happy life, and you are destined to have it. This pain isn’t your fate, it’s your path as a stepping stone to greatness, you’ll get your miracle.

It starts right here.