Are You Handling A Lot?

Recently I have had a lot of BIG waves come at me. One life challenge after another. When this happens it is easy to feel like it is all too much.

Do you know what I mean?

Two weeks ago I was driving to see my son and listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book: The Universe Has Your Back. She was talking about how obstacles are detours that put you on the right track. When I looked down to see where I was in the chapter and BAM!!! I slammed in to the back of a Jeep stopped at a light. I was less than two miles from Henry and the front of my car looked like an accordion. I had a hard time opening the door. The two dogs, the other driver and I were fine… but my car would not start.

As I looked at my car, I wondered how this obstacle was going to put me on the right track. It looked to me like it was just a big, stupid, mistake that was going to cost me a lot of money.

Since that crash, I have had to ask for a lot of help. I had to call around and find a friend to meet me at the body shop so the dogs and I could get home. I had to ask someone for a ride to the car rental. I had to ask to borrow my daughter’s car. 48 hours afterwards I was inundated with really bad feelings about the consequences of the crash. I kept asking myself, how was this serving me by putting me on the right track?

The waves/obstacles kept coming in the form of more “things” to handle. A day after hearing that my car was totaled, the refrigerator started leaking ALOT and the dryer began venting in to the laundry room. I found a handy-man who came the same day, and fixed the dryer and temporarily stopped the fridge from leaking and then charged me a ridiculous amount of money. That same day, the “ check the tires” light came on the car that I borrowed. SERIOUSLY!

I took a walk with my dog Willa to get some relief. I was remembering the words “obstacles put us on the right track” but honestly I was feeling besieged by the amount of stuff I had to fix.

OK. I confess. I was in the midst of a pity party for myself and thinking “why me!”…
The wind picked up. It began to spit rain. I walked up the hill and huddled into my coat. I looked over my right shoulder and I saw the most stunning pink gold light shining on a stand of trees. I looked again and I saw a double rainbow. I thought, if I needed a sign there it is. The Universe was saying “I have your my back. Trust me.”

I have had other periods in my life when I have felt REALLY squeezed by the Universe to grow and stretch. Like when I was going through my divorce and when my son got diagnosed with schizophrenia and when my late partner was dying.

It is easy to feel like you are drowning, like you have to do it all alone, like life isn’t fair and it should not be this hard.

I cried and then laughed seeing the rainbow. The beauty was unmistakable. I saw in an instant how much better I feel when I shift my perspective.

Here are some of my take-aways:

  • The car crash made me think about how I am moving forward in my life. What am I focusing on? What am I distracting myself with?
  • Handling the multiple mechanical break-downs in the house has shown me how skilled I am at handling one thing after another.
  • I have renewed appreciation for the flexibility that comes with being a devoted problem solver.
  • Spending money to get basic aspects of life working again has made me think about abundance and scarcity. In life, we are more abundant than we sometimes think. I began asking myself, how is scarcity holding me back?
  • Asking for help has deepened my relationships and I have felt more connected and loved.

After my walk, I spent 2 hours sorting through papers, filing and organizing. I went to bed feeling grounded and happy. I woke up energized. I moved through the packed day with ease.

My BIGGEST take-aways:

  • My power comes back to me when I choose how I want to respond to the events of my life. I have the power to stay calm and awake in the midst of lots of waves.
  • Life is richer and more amusing when I focus on the messages and lessons of the Universe. It’s then that I truly get that the Universe has my back and obstacles are detours that put me on the right path.

What are some ways you are feeling blocked or thwarted?