Getting Real

On December 22nd 2015 I did something that radically changed my life.

I stopped a habit that was not healthy for me.

I stopped coloring my hair and cut my hair off.

It was radical because I had had long, dark hair for 40 years.
What prompted me to shear it all off was catching a glimpse of my self in bad lighting.

I began coloring my hair in my mid thirties and as I moved into my forties, I was coloring it every ten days to stay ahead of the encroaching grey.

Then one Memorial day, I had an intense allergic reaction that covered my face and I knew that my days of commercial hair dying were over.

Fearful of looking old, I tried henna and indigo. The process took hours. I kept trying to fight the tide of my natural self that persistently wanted to emerge.

Under the glare of bad lights it was clear, nature had won.

Every six weeks, more of the hair dye was cut away until on December 20th 2016, it was all gone. Breaking the habit of coloring my hair went deeper than committing to embracing my true color.

In my life I started to notice I was eliminating choices that weren’t working, just like the hair dye.

For MANY people 2016 was a year of getting real.
For me, I saw how I was settling in relationships that ultimately caused me a lot of pain because I wasn’t brave enough to tell the truth.
Once I began to speak up about what I wanted and my experience, I felt so much better, clearer and more powerful.

In numerological terms 2016 was a 9 year (2+0+1+6= 9). 9 signifies completion. In 9 years you get squeezed by the Universe and there is no denying what isn’t working in your life.

Nine years are not easy, but they are clarifying years because you get to complete a cycle. In my own life I saw where my people pleasing beliefs were holding me back and where I was allowing fear to influence my choices.

When I aligned with my core values and spoke my truth about what I wanted in my relationships, my happiness and power blossomed.

2017 is a 1 year ( 2+0+1+7= 10 and 1+0= 1). Number 1 years signify new beginnings. In number 1 years we get to learn from the past and create new foundations.

This is a time to think about what you truly want and what is important to you and to put those new things in motion.

It is time to integrate what you have learned into new habits.

Being able to finally accept my hair cut and color has been symbolic of a beautiful new beginning of feeling more aligned with my true self. I feel more whole and complete.

I had to let go of my perception that having dark hair made me appealing to others and address how my people pleasing ways were hurting me.

Taking the plunge to be ME and embracing my true self rocked my world in a way that left me feeling better and more powerful, but it took me awhile to really see that.
It was a process.
But WOW! when we align with our true self, nothing feels better than that.

As you prepare for 2017.. think about what it is that you truly want. What would you do if you knew wouldn’t fail? What would truly make you happy? What do you need to let go of?

Let me know what it is that you want to shift…