I want to clean things up.

Last weekend I pulled EVERYTHING out of my closet. I mean everything.

I can not under score how cathartic it is to eliminate excess and create order.

The feeling is sublime.

I found myself vacuuming and wiping down the corners behind my shoes. Sometimes I forget before things get sorted, I need to make more of a mess. I knew the project would take time.

It took two days.

It is crazy how much of a metaphor this project is for LIFE. Taking a personal inventory can be messy and it takes time.

But MAN! Is it satisfying to fold every piece of clothing you have and stack them in neat piles according to category. I was ruthless about what stayed and what went.

A warning: you have to be in the right mood because it is easy to think “well maybe I’ll need this some day” even though it fell out of favor years ago.

What helped me let go was offering some of my crown jewels to girlfriends who reacted like they hit the jackpot when something fit.

This exercise taught me…It is really grounding, satisfying and confidence building to take stock in my STUFF.

What do I need?

What do I want?

It takes time to do thorough personal work. Be wary of your mind that willingly provides a rationalization for something that doesn’t work.

It’s worth it to stay with it because as the mess gets sorted and you see the difference, it is motivating to do more.

If you haven’t had a good PURGE I highly recommend it.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised of the space that it makes in your life, not to mention the calming effect that it brings.

Try it! I think you’ll like it.