I Was Noticing..

Two weeks ago I found myself shoveling a lot of snow for the second time in one week.

The voices in my head went something like this…

“My hands are cold.”
“The snow is heavy.”
“I don’t want to do this.”
“Why do I have to do everything?”

I listened to the negative chatter for awhile and then I said to myself, “OK, you can stop.”

I looked at the deck and thought, “well maybe I’ll just do up to there.”
I got to there and thought, “I’ll do a little more.”

The next thing I knew it was DONE! I congratulated myself (SERIOUSLY, I did). I felt great.

When people want to change, it begins with noticing. In my case I had to notice my thoughts that were ruining my experience by hating what I was doing.

Because I was grumbling and resisting, I wasn’t seeing how beautiful the snow was. I was robbing myself of the sense of physical satisfaction of a work-out AND the satisfaction of pushing through.

Interestingly, as soon as I gave myself permission to stop shoveling, I had a change of heart. I shifted myself by not getting stuck in my feelings.

Pushing through my resistance I discovered the satisfaction of completing what I had set out to do. Noticing what you are feeling, what you are resisting, is the first step to freedom from the negativity and victimization.

With awareness comes choice and with choice comes power.

I noticed that I didn’t want to shovel and I was beginning to tumble down the path of resentment and self-pity. I gave myself permission to have those thoughts and then once I was aware of them (and I had the freedom to choose) I chose to finish what I had started and BOY did I feel better.

This is an ongoing process that happens again and again when we choose to live a conscious life. Learning to surrender into our experiences, but not get stuck or sabotaged by our feelings is an important life lesson.

What we resist persists or intensifies.

Free yourself from unnecessary struggle by acknowledging what you feel and then CHOOSING to focus on what you set out to do.

Remember that you have the power to shovel your way out anything.

You will feel so much better.