Is There Something You Are Resisting?

Are you resisting something like exercising, eating good food, not having another drink or picking up the phone?

Are you suffering about it? Does it make you anxious?

Last week I watched myself do everything BUT look at my bank account online. I emptied the dishwasher, I put in a load of laundry, I watered the plants and checked the mail.

I had to laugh at myself because I had woken up anxious that I hadn’t looked at my bank account in a while and it was at the top of my to do list. I KNEW that once I looked at the numbers I would be able to make a plan. I knew the facts would help, but I circled around this task as if I was avoiding jumping off a cliff.

Resistance sucks.

So why do we procrastinate when it increases the burden we feel?
Why to we avoid what will set us free?

Steven Pressfield’s book the War of Art does a fantastic job capturing the self-imposed torture that comes with avoidance. It is a quick and easy read that is comforting in its direct and simple advise on this ubiquitous issue. Bottom line is: just do it.

Resistance is caused by some imagined fear. In my case I was afraid of what I might see given my expenses for the month and the fact that I hadn’t taken care of the billing for my business.

Curiously dealing with the facts was not nearly as bad as the discomfort that came from being anxious about not handling it. And that is the thing… dealing with reality is never as bad as NOT dealing with the situation at hand.

I billed my clients, looked at my bank account and I felt instant satisfaction.

Here are five rules to live by:

  1. Do the hardest task first.
  2. Focus on the satisfaction that will come once you have handled what you are avoiding.
  3. Set a specific time to get the task done.
  4. Tell someone else what you are going to do and when you will do it and ask them to hold you accountable.
  5. Start noticing how good it feels when you handle things quickly and tell people about it so you can reinforce the new habit.

Nike’s emblatic ad resonates so universally because it is true..
JUST DO IT and set yourself FREE.