Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a two-way conversation between a trained, qualified coach and a client, that focuses on actions and creating solutions. The basic premise of Coaching is that individuals can empower themselves when they take responsibility for their experience. The success of coaching depends on the willingness and commitment of the client to take on the changes they want. The Coach listens for the reasons and theories that interfere with the client’s goals and then helps the client to sort out their own solutions through self-awareness and action. What we think creates our reality and in coaching we work to highlight our thoughts and with that awareness, use it to make choices that align with our goals and dreams.

How is therapy different from coaching?

Most therapies focus on talking about thoughts and our feelings with the idea that eventually it will turn in to action. In coaching that paradigm is turned around and aligning our actions with what we say we want, is the target, because we know that when we align our actions with our words, our thoughts and our feelings change. When taking action is thwarted by our thoughts and mind chatter, coaching dives deeper in to the beliefs and conclusions of the individual. Coaching is a mixture of behavior modification (doing what you say you want) and excavating the belief system of the individual, challenging it by re-scripting it, so that it supports the desired outcome of the client.