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Love YOU!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”  Oscar Wilde

I have a question for you.
What loving action can you do for yourself today?

A friend of mine has scheduled a day of beauty: a hair appointment, a pedicure, then lunch with a friend.
It’s her birthday and she is celebrating connecting to herself.

When I am coaching someone in LOVE, I often say: Be the Love you want to have, then love your self the way you want to be loved.

Most of us have a compelling inner critic at the helm, reinforcing the belief that something about us is not enough.

Believe it or not, the Inner Critic’s underlying motivation is to keep you safe and pain free, but the fear-based chatter ends up creating limiting beliefs that cause pain.

I chose the name of my Group Coaching Program: Power Up and Shift IT! because I believe within every human is a divine essence to be Powered Up.

Outside the limitations imposed by our fear, is our best self. 

This process of self love begins with accepting our selves.

When we accept our good and bad qualities we discover the freedom that comes with self-awareness AND the power to choose our responses.

Shift It!  acknowledges that our actions create happiness.

When we live a conscious life, we are able to choose our responses and what we choose will determine our experience.

Self- awareness is the true power and key to happiness.

So today, try embracing yourself.

Begin that lifelong romance by noticing what you do right and acknowledge the courageous choices you have made in your life.

Love yourself the way you want to be loved. Then love others the way you want to be loved and see how your day changes.

Shine your light today.


Kate Crow Pfeffer

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about the Power Up and Shift! Group click here.  A Group begins in August!

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