Simple Not Easy

Simple Not Easy

There is a paradox that comes with the concept of FLOW which is that it is simple, but not necessarily easy.

I’ve noticed that many people think a “good life” should be easy and without a struggle.  

It’s true!  

Flow is easy IF we manage our expectations IF we accept what is IF we make the next best choice given the circumstances.

Human struggle doesn’t feel good, but it is through our human experience that we wake up to our potential and we evolve.

What doesn’t kill us truly does make us stronger and more importantly wiser, if we choose to grow.

Carol Dweck is a Standford professor who has done great work distinguishing the difference between a “fixed” mindset and a “growth” mindset and how they relate to happiness. 

Fixed mindsets are rigid with expectations of how things ought to be as opposed to a growth mindset that focuses on learning and adapting.

A fixed mindset creates frustration and doubt when life doesn’t match up with expectations, it is the genesis of perfectionism and neuroses that leave you feeling exhausted and wanting.  

A growth mindset seeks excellence and mastery, within this is the edict that failure is natural and part of the process.  A growth mindset transforms mistakes into opportunities for betterment.  

You can’t experience FLOW and ease, two qualities of happiness, without a growth mindset.  

I am lucky.  I have amazing clients who want to be the best versions of themselves.  In our work together we inevitably have to deal with the transition from a fixed mindset to a growth one.  This takes practice.  Just like Michael Jordan said,

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” 

The SHIFT IT! method I created embodies the tools of resilience.  Resilience is what it takes to “win at the game of life”.  We can’t always pick the card’s life hands us, but we can choose how we play the game and that choice makes all the difference when it comes to whether we are happy or not.  

Shine Bright! 

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