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I REALLY love my local farm stand. Last week, surveying the harvest of gorgeous baby eggplants, zucchini, and tomatoes, I couldn’t wait to combine them into a delicious minestrone soup.  It turned out to be quite the project. The end result was GOOD, but not exactly the PERFECT symphony I had imagined. 

I had to catch myself before disappointment scrapped the entire experience into the “well, that didn’t work” bin.  

The truth was it was a fun afternoon.  I thoroughly loved the steps that it took to prepare the tomatoes.  I loved the colors of the vegetables altogether.  I loved the experience of cooking for people I love.  I loved listening to Beyoncé while the sun poured into the kitchen and the wind blew through the open door and windows. 

NOPE.  The soup wasn’t perfect.  

But what was perfect was that I didn’t allow my perfectionism to destroy my delightful afternoon of playing and being creative.

As a perfectionist-in-recovery I need to stay vigilant to my inner critic who is quick to dismiss my efforts when they don’t always match my expectations.  Had I let my inner critic take over, I would have missed what was really important, which was to stretch into a creative experience, do something new and create connection with others.

Expectations and perfectionism rob us of experiences because they separate us from being in the moment. They can also create paralysis so that we are afraid to take action.  

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WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?  How to Transform your Blocks and SHIFT Into GEAR!  will motivate you, help you COMMIT and follow-through, so that you end the five-week class happier and more accomplished.  If perfectionism and the inner critic are stopping you, we will SHIFT them.  

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P.S. The soup got better with time.  

Kate Crow Pfeffer

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