Storm Warnings

There are times in my life when my emotions take me for a ride. And it is usually not fun. When this happens, I feel like a fish on dry land or like I am sunburned.

Everything hurts.

I call these periods of uber sensitivity storms. This is fitting because it acknowledges that they will pass even though when I’m in them everything gets stirred up.

It’s hard to know what brings them on specifically. It’s a mixture of high pressure (STRESS) that overloads the system.

Like in all situations of extreme weather, I usually want to run, hide and take cover even though I know this prolongs the experience. Or, I want to “fix” the discomfort, but many times, especially when it involves another person, I can’t and I am left to deal with me.

I’ve learned it is best to turn into the feelings and see what is trying to get my attention.

Feelings can be like a four year old who is trying to get your attention. Until you turn and acknowledge them, they will continue to torture you.

Here are a few tips to remember during moments of personal foul weather:

  1. Feelings will pass and they pass faster if you are able to identify them, let them happen and experience them.​
  2. Remember that feelings are not facts, BUT they do contain information. What is the sensation telling you about YOU?
  3. Share what you are going through with close friends, loved ones and or a professional, who knows you. Isolating when you feel disconnected amplifies the sensation.
  4. Stress has tripped the circuit breaker: de-stress with exercise, nourishing food, sleep, writing. Gentle actions that scream SELF-CARE.
  5. Being of service to another person helps shift your focus.

When I was younger, emotional storms were more confusing to me. One of the nice things about age is that I am wiser. They are still uncomfortable, but I know that there are golden bits of self-knowledge to be found in not denying or avoiding the sensitivity.

Eventually I always see the silver lining. Let me know if I can help you untangle the code of your emotions.