“I can truly say Kate’s coaching has been life changing for me. Even when stressful or challenging things arise I’m able to stay in the driver’s seat, am better able to detach from my emotional knee-jerk responses, and stay more honest, more confident. Overall I would describe the experience of life coaching with Kate as liberating.”

Sarah: Portland, ME. Nurse Practitioner


“Your gentle accountability and your patience has been very helpful for me. I like that you’re not rigorous with any specific technique or assignment; you seem to adjust as needed and that really works for me.”

Annie: San Francisco, CA. Artist


“My new trait to cultivate was “graceful truth-teller”. Kate helped to me to become that person. She coached me through many difficult conversations, helped me face my anxiety about being real with everyone in my life, including my family of origin. She was there for me and supported me as I created a relationship where we tell the truth all the time.”

Joan: New York, NY. Computer Programmer


“Every area of my life has been affected by working with Kate. She supported (and sometimes pushed) me towards a discovery of the miraculous grace that comes as a result of some simple yet committed practices: having a plan, creating support, being responsible, telling the truth, and doing my best, moment by moment, no matter what. Kate helped me dig deep, find the necessary resources both within and without, and create the shifts I was longing for. My life today barely resembles the one I had when we started our work together!”

Alice: Tulsa, OK. Therapist


“I never thought I’d use a coach. The idea seemed indulgent and a little silly. But then I found myself talking with Kate, and her grounded way of thinking and positive attitude just kept me coming back for more. She has given me a fresh look at some ideas I had that I didn’t realize were stale. She has a good perspective on men, and how we get along with work, relationships, and feelings. And I never feel at risk talking to her about any of these subjects. She has helped me a lot with structuring my own path towards self-awareness, and taking control of my life. I needed all this — I just didn’t know how to get there. Kate has shown me the path, and guided me along it when I needed help.”

Scott: New York. NY. Writer


“There are two parts of your methodology that worked well for me: 1) Sharing your own story, experiences and growth was huge. This not only provided a road map for possibilities, it also demonstrated your humanity and your ability to live a life you design despite circumstances. Seeing your strength, but also your vulnerability made you very relatable and trustworthy. 2) Your ability to stay on task and come up with tangible action steps for growth. Talking about issues is one thing but having a way to move through them is where the rubber meets the road – you provided that!”

Bonnie: Toronto, ON. Writer, Editor, Yoga teacher


“I have found Kate’s ability to convert my chaotic stream-of-consciousness into a clear and concise narrative about my professional and personal life. This has brought a great deal of reassurance that seemingly complex obstacles can be simplified and overcome.”

David: Los Angeles, CA. Digital producer


“You are not insistent. You give me space to be. You don’t set up a dichotomy between your expectations of me and my expectations of myself. You listen to me and determine the content or flow of the sessions from that. It never feels like you start with a predetermined idea about what we will ‘achieve’ the session or what ‘outcomes’ are needed. But that said, you are in no way ‘airy-fairy’! Our conversations and the homework are always practical, grounded, resourceful and extremely useful. I love that you don’t use ‘positive spins’ or ‘hopeful ideals.’ You are real and honest. I like that I feel you can ask me hard questions, you are not afraid to delve deep. You listen afresh from the heart each session and you don’t make assumptions.”

Molly: Sydney AU. Yoga Teacher


“Kate’s coaching finally gave me the courage and self confidence to quit my corporate job and pursue a career that brings happiness as well as a life balance. I’ve recaptured who I once was many years ago & am creating the life I want, NOT what society thinks it should be. I am healthier physically and mentally, able to handle stressful situations calmly & with compassion. I have the freedom to live my life as I choose. I AM Empowered.”

Beth: New York, NY. Health and Wellness Coach