The ¨Closing the Gap¨ Program

A 6 month Program beginning in mid June- to turbo charge the changes you set out to do this year.
Here’s your chance to powerfully and intentionally close out 2018.

If you have been coached before YOU KNOW coaching works because it is action oriented,
you are held accountable and it feels great to move towards what you want.
If you haven’t been coached before, try this. If will make a difference.

Ask yourself… How long have I been idling in this place?
Do you want to stay there?
Why not close the gap between what you say you want and where you are now?
You can do this!!

Jo and I have over 30 years of coaching experience between us- as leaders we’ve got this.

Here’s what you get:

2 Experienced Coaches
2 Group calls per month
1 30 Minute Private coaching session
Group Support

  • Illuminating and clarifying exercises to break through your resistance and self-limiting beliefs.
  • The Group calls will provide content to remove your blocks. You will replace procrastination with action. They will be a combination
    of content and live coaching feedback. The calls are recorded so you can re-play them.
  • Facebook support- The community will hold you high as you commit to the changes YOU want to make. You are not alone.
  • One 30 minute PRIVATE coaching with one of us, not a support coach
  • Buddy support to help with accountability

If you have any questions, here’s a link to schedule a free call:

At $427.00 a month you will be able to Close the Gap on the things that you have wanted to do this year.
Why wait?
Jump in to your GREATNESS..
We’ve got you.

Here’s the link to register:

BONUSES: If you sign up before 6/10/18 you get a free ONE HOUR coaching call.

You will also get a link to the webinar if you missed the Spring Fling Challenge.

Kate & Coach Jo!

PS. Spaces are limited, so if you want in, reserve your spot today.