The magic of random acts of kindness.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way I want it to. Like today. I’m on a plane to Los Angeles, but this morning I encountered every possible block.

I do this thing when I am anxious that drives my kids crazy…I don’t look at the clock. This only increases the tension and there is some primitive part of me that thinks that if I don’t look at the clock, maybe time will change. OK, wishful thinking at it’s worst.

So there I was practicing my kundalini breathing, while the car park driver got lost, trying to stay away from rehearsing the worst case scenarios going off in my head.

The security line was snaking around and some of us were told to go left. The shorter line was blocked up with the plastic trays. REALLY?

I was anxious.

Waiting to go through the x-ray machine, a security man was telling a woman next to me who was in a wheel chair to stand and walk through. Her leg in a brace, she walked painfully and awkwardly through. The alarm went off. He ordered her to do it twice more.

She was frustrated.

I was just inches away from her when I said, “I’m sorry for this hassle”. She sat down heavily and looked up from her chair with tears in her eyes smiled at me. Her smile chipped away at my anxiousness. On the plane I tried it again. I helped a small woman lift her suitcase over her head. I commented to another woman how great it was that she remembered to bring sterilizing cloths to wipe down her area (note to self).

Each time my positive engagement with another shifted my experience. The connection moved me out of my head.

As a coach I teach people how to shift their experience by being responsible for their response. A large part of that requires surrendering to the moment at hand and accepting that many times the only thing we can change is ourselves.

The plane left an hour late, I am in the middle seat on a crowded plane and what I am going to remember about this morning is how I had the power to choose my response to the moment I was in.

And that choice SHIFTED everything.