What are you afraid of?

I often ask my clients “what scares you the most?”

When I ask this question, I think of my oldest daughter. She was a freshman at a college in Colorado when she told me she wanted to do a winter camping program during her January break. NOLS programs are extreme and the description of this one gave me chills. Sitting in my warm house I asked “WHY”? noting that my tone was saturated with incredulousness. She said simply, “Because I am terrified of being cold”. Being in Colorado I saw this fear might be a problem.

She signed up for a 3 week course that promised -30 degrees and went shopping for warm gear. She camped in igloos, pulled double her weight for miles and learned how to dig her way out of an avalanche.

She returned stronger in body and spirit.

I was impressed and she was too. I think of her whenever I am resisting something that I KNOW I should do.

A confession: my resistance is particularly strong when I have to deal with any thing technological or with social media.


I find dealing with the computer and the inroads of social media baffling and mind numbing.

I would rather not.

But, then I have a breakthrough and reap the benefits which happened recently when I had an amazing workshop that was filled with readers from these newsletters and Facebook.

Here’s something to consider, whatever you want the most, is probably on the other side of what you resist.

So I ask you, what scares you?

I’d love to know what you want, and what scares you the most.