Why Are You Waiting?

Have you ever noticed that months and even years can pass by while you wait for the “right” time to make a change?

Maybe you want to change your job, get in shape, or find romance. Maybe you have a book you want to write or a trip you want to take.

Maybe you just want to feel alive again.

Life goes on. Circumstances pop up. There never seems to be enough time or it’s not the right time because the kids need you, your parents have a health crisis, and the roof needs fixing.

It is an art to figure out how to make the changes we want in the midst of everything else happening in our lives.

The one thing you can count on is that there will be obstacles on your path to making a change. One way to look at these obstacles is to see them as a test to see how badly you want the change.

It is hard to make a change without a strong WHY. Why do you want it?

What would financial freedom give you?
What would love and companionship mean in your life?
How would tapping in to your creativity change your life?

Connecting to why you want something will help you stay in the game when the going gets tough and challenges spring up out of nowhere interrupting your intention and progress.

A strong why will pique your motivation.

People tell me the changes they want to make. They share the dreams they have. People know what will make them happier. We talk. They experience the thrill of possibility, but if they don’t act on it with urgency, they experience the rubber band affect. They snap back into the familiar though not particularly comfortable zone.

Committing to action is what is needed for the positive affects of change that they say they want. More money, more time, more freedom, a greater sense of purpose all matter, but what people really want is to feel like they are doing life, not like LIFE is doing them.

Coaching works because it is pro-active. It works because taking action changes people’s lives. People are happier when they are doing life.

I have a client who had a dream to move from Connecticut to the Pacific North West. There were lots of reasons not to make that big move across the country as a single woman. She owned her house. She had two cats and a supportive extended family around her. But she didn’t love her job. She tried two internal moves within her company and focused on her love of making jewelry.

Finally she realized that waiting for the right time wasn’t getting her any closer to her happiness. She made a bold move and reached out to a company in Seattle. Within 2 months she had a new job, nearly doubled her salary and she had found the light filled apartment that she had been dreaming of.

Was it super easy? Nope.
Did it stretch her? Big time.

But her happiness level and confidence have doubled too.

If you are waiting for the “right” time to commit to a change, consider the cost of your waiting. Waiting in your familiar zone can turn to stagnation and loss of confidence because when we put off prioritizing ourselves and our desires, a loss of trust in ourselves occurs. It is a slippery slope.

Begin. Listen to the whisper inside you. Honor it.
Then take one step forward.
Turn obstacles into stepping stones by learning from mistakes or challenges.

Remember…where there is a will there is a way.
Creativity equals life force and energy begets energy.

There is a way through every block, but first you have to commit to WHY you want the change.